Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year New Resolutions

I was hanging out on Ravelry tonight and heard the best idea in one of the forums. Somebody suggested instead of one or two big resolutions doing a bunch of little ones. So I am going to come up with 100 new ideas and my goal is to do at least 75 of them by December 31st, 2011. I'm hoping to make some simple, like cooking something new once a month, but also having ones that challenge me more. This post will be my master list but I will have new posts for everything I have accomplished. Here we go...
1. January new dish (1/31/11)
2. February new dish (2/13/11)
3. March new dish
4. April new dish (4/18/11)
5. May new dish
6. June new dish
7. July new dish
8. August new dish (8/7/11)
9. September new dish (9/4/11)
10. October new dish (11/1/11)
11. November new dish
12. December new dish
13. Try sushi (12/29/10) (6/17/11)
14. Try a new veggie(9/23/11)
15. Visit a new museum (6/6/11)
16. Learn to knit in the round (4/15/11)
17. Go without electronics for a day
18. Lose 10 lbs
19. Clean out my closet and get rid of clothes I don't wear (7/27/11)
20. Clean out the videos/Dvds
21. Make scones
22. Make fresh homemade bread
23. Learn how to cable knit
24. Have a girls night out (1/7/11)
25. Floss - and no I'm not kidding. I take my dental health very seriously and this is one area I've been lacking
26. Swim in the ocean (6/5/11)
27. Give up caffeine for a week
28. Give up chocolate for a week (9/7/11)
29. Join a KAL (7/1/11)

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