Sunday, December 30, 2012

Growing candy canes

My sister and I sometimes like to get the kids together and do a seasonal craft. Last week we got the kids together to do something Christmassy. She found a fun craft for them - growing their own candy canes.

First we took peppermint candies and added them into cups with "dirt" (crushed up Oreos) to cover them.

Then we sprinkled them with magic dust (colored sugar)
And waited for them to grow

The next time we saw them, they had begun to sprout (add in broken candy canes)

A couple days later they were fully grown!

The kids got such a kick out of this activity! And it was easy to do too.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Stocking part 2

Before Christmas I finished another stocking - this one was for my other grandma.

I'm more pleased with this one than the last one I did. My tension was a little better on this one than the last one. Plus I think the pattern is really cute - it's A Fair Isle Christmas. The great part about the pattern is the ability to mix and match. It comes with three main patterns and three borders so you can pick and choose but all of the combinations look like they would be cute together. I used up more of the stash acrylic and size 7 dpns for the project.

I also knitted a few ornaments this season to go with gift cards for C's teachers. Unfortunately in all the hubbub I forgot to take pictures. Now I'm finally moving on to something for me. I'm back to my socks - I had ripped them out and moved down to a smaller needle size. It's going a little smoother now. Hopefully I'll get pics soon.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas! We had a very nice Christmas here in Arizona. Our church had an absolutely amazing service filled with songs and focusing on how we can be lights in this world. Very uplifting and a great start to the weekend.

I think the boys both enjoyed Christmas this year. They got to see all of their cousins and I think they enjoyed their presents too! We also had a fudge making contest at my mom's - I won! I made a white chocolate peppermint fudge with chocolate chips. It was delicious. I also made my peanut butter balls, a peanut butter cream cheese ball and s'mores scones for my Christmas baking.

Unfortunately because I was having so much fun I didn't get too many pictures but here is a couple from the weekend.

J and me
Yes he is in shorts in that picture

The award winning fudge and my peanut butter balls

And a little treat for me (Opal sock yarn in their Van Gogh color way - this one is Starry Night)