Random Acts of Cuteness

I have two little boys with active imaginations and tons of personality. I want to be able to remember the cute moments as they are growing up.

10/3/15 - J: "I know all five senses. Touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell." C: "What about your sense of humor?"

6/30/15 - Me: "dad went out to get a new pair of shoes". C: "dad's getting a parachute?"

6/14/15 - C: "what if the earth spun so fast that time went backwards back to the dinosaurs and then we started all over again the future?" Mind blown...

3/8/15 - J and I were singing "The Wheels on the Bus" and started coming up with his own silly verses. My favorite: "the Daleks on the Bus Say Exterminate"

1/17/15 - I'm painting the boys bathroom yellow. "C what do you think?" Him: "I don't really like it" Me: "oh bummer". A few hours later I'm doing the edging and getting paint on some of the tape I put up to protect the fixtures. C comes in and says "oh so you're painting the tape" and I explained to him it was to protect the fixtures and counters. He says "I thought you were leaving it, that's why I didn't like the new paint"

1/12/15 - C wants to sign up for Cub Scouts. He's got the form for us to fill out. He tells us signing up similar to the past except "it's like modern times not like 1995"

1/12/15 - I'm getting ready to meet my sisters at David's Bridal to try on bridesmaid dresses. J comes up and asks me where I'm going so I tell him. He says "Yay it's almost time for Aunt T's wedding!" I told him it was still a few months off. So he replies "and then I get to throw the rings!" You see he's the ring bearer; he thinks since his cousin gets to throw flowers as the flower girl, he is supposed to throw the rings. A little discussion on what is is supposed to do may be in order.

10/13/14 - J: "Mom, I'm going to have my birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and invite (the babysitter). Me: "ok, cool. You can invite her" J: "And you can come too mommy." Well gee thanks son for inviting me to your birthday party.

9/29/14 - J has been calling SUVs of a certain shape toasters. The boxy ones like a Scion or that shape. And my sister apparently drives a big toaster.

9/1/14 - J told me when he goes back to school this week, he's going to ask his teacher if they can take a field trip to San Diego

6/22/14 - Me: "C, your room is messy tonight. Are you going to be able to clean it in five minutes or will you need ten?" C: "I don't know mom, I can't see the future"

3/2/14 - According to C the song is not "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb", it's "Holy, Holy, Holy, he's the Man"

9/14/12 - J: I can only stick my hair in the water. I don't like when water gets in my nose. Me: And it would be hard to breathe. J: Yeah that's why you need a gargle mask. Me: You mean a snorkel?

9/7/13 - C: We had a pretest at school yesterday. Me: Oh yeah? What was it on? C: Paper

6/22/12 - I'm trying to get J to give up his binky. So when I saw him with it today I said "that's yucky!" He said "no it's not. It's beautiful."

6/16/12 - It was 113 degrees today. While we were in the car J told me "I'm melting, mommy."

2/5/12 - C likes to make superheroes out of paper and made one for E. E was playing a video game and C told him he could take turns with the superhero "except he's not real; he's made out of paper"

1/13/12 - C told me tonight that he wants yarn for his birthday when he grows up so he can knit with me!

11/28/11 - C held up a block tonight and said "This wasn't at the first Thanksgiving. They didn't have factories.

11/23/11 - Did you know that a cannon is a great big hole in the ground, according to C. He told me his grandparents are going to take him to the great big cannon in the city. Pretty sure he is talking about the Grand Canyon.

11/4/11 - I gave J a piece of cheese tonight - he handed me play money in return.

9/21/11 - We were listening to the Wiggles CD tonight, the Dorothy the Dinosaur song. C was talking about scissors and I could not figure out what he was talking about. Turns out he thought the song was saying "eating the scissors there in the moonlight" instead of "eating the roses there in the moonlight"

9/12/11 - Check out the Mexico story here

9/5/11 - C told me today that he was going to be a co-pirate today instead of a copilot. I asked him if he meant copilot and he told me that he was going to be a co-pirate until he marries a pilot. Then he will be a copilot.

8/26/11 - C walked J over to the little blue couch we have for them. He laid him down and rubbed his back and put a blanket on him. Then he handed him a Mario doll. J fell asleep that way.

8/17/11 - I was cuddling with a sleeping J last night and began to sneeze quite a bit. Every time I sneezed J would mumble "bless you " in his sleep.

8/13/11 - C was full of it today. Among other things he told me that Best Buy is daddy's toy store. I also had to get my tires rotated today - he told me that he was going to be a tire store guy when he grows up. He told E he was going to be a co pilot (not a pilot, mind you!.) He also mentioned to E he'd be "quite busy" since he has so many jobs.

7/31/11 - Today at Kohls, we were looking at playdoh. A clerk walks by and C turns to her and says "Excuse me, is this free?" she said no so he then asked "well what is free?"

7/11/11 - C was listening to his Laurie Berkner CD and the song "I Really Love to Dance" came on. He turns to me and says "I really love to dance...and say Yeehaw." where does he come up with these things?

7/8/11 - C (to J): what rhymes with cow? J: (something unintelligible). C: no that's not right. It's car and pericle bug

6/28/11 - Today C came out of his room and told E that Sonic had to get off the bed because he was messing up Lovely Bear's nap. Bear in mind that Sonic and Lovely Bear are both stuffed animals.

6/24/11 - My current backdrop is a picture of chocolate. J must have decided that it looked good enough to eat so he came up and licked my screen.

6/22/11 - Today J started throwing a fit when I was changing his diaper. C decided to help me by comforting him. He leaned over and gave J a kiss to make him feel better. I just love it when they are sweet to each other

6/11/11 - C: do you know why I'm awesome? Me: Why are you awesome? C: Because I love you so much!

6/4/11 - Today C and I were riding in the car and were talking about school. I told him school was done for the summer and he would go back in the fall. He said "Aww, now don't have all of my jobs, I only have three jobs." So I asked him what his jobs were. "Well," he told me, "my first job is to build, my second job is to beat the bad guys and my third job is to make funny faces."

6/1/11 - This morning as I was leaving for work, J saw me grabbing my purse and lunch bag. He promptly went and put on his shoes, grabbed my hand and started walking with me to the door while saying "bye bye" to his dad. Unfortunately he had to stay home :(

5/24/11 - http://sunnystreetaz.blogspot.com/2011/05/random-acts-of-cuteness.html - My first attempt at recording some of the fun things they say and do