Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Phoenix Children's Museum

I had promised C a little while back that we would go to the Children's Museum sometime in September. Well today ended up being the day (yay vacation days!) Last night I told him that we would be doing something fun in the morning and he began to guess. Pizza? No. Play area? No. Mexico? Ummm, what?! The kid is creative, I'll give him that!

So this morning he remembered that I had told him we were going this month and figured that was my surprise. Of course he was really excited. We went once before, a year ago, and he still remembered some of the highlights and couldn't wait to go again.

The museum is absolutely amazing. It's geared for kids under 10 but grown ups can definitely enjoy some of it too. They have a three story treehouse, craft area, store, kitchen, fort building, trike riding, car racing and a noodle forest. C and I managed to spend almost four hours there!

Here's C cooking in the kitchen

Painting time! He somehow managed to even get paint in his hair!

The racing area - they have cars and motorcycles for the kids to sit on and giant race car tracks for toy cars. They also have a bus cutout where you can horn the horn, open the doors and more just like the song. This is C singing "the Wheels on the Bus" as he plays.

The fort building area was C's favorite. They have sheets, crates, traffic cones, giant clips and other things for the kids to craft however they want. (I may have gotten into it too.) C was very proud of his fort.

Here's my favorite photo from today:

Such a cutie!

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