Thursday, September 22, 2011

An (almost) finished object

I'm just about finished with the Teddy Bear for my niece for Christmas and I couldn't wait to share it!

I still need to embroider the face on - hopefully I can get that done this weekend but I need to get some floss to do so. I plan on posting another pic when he is 100% done.

This has been an awesome pattern to knit with; the pattern is Baby Bear from Itty Bitty Toys. The instructions are super easy to follow. I think the only place I got tripped up on was attaching the feet to the legs. I did make a few modifications too. I wanted it larger so I went with a worsted weight instead of a sock weight and I adjusted my needles accordingly (I used size fives). I also made the body parts slightly longer since the yarn is heavier.

I can't wait to do something else from this book! However I have to get a few other things out of the way first. I've started on a Ladybug for my other niece for Christmas. I'm a little nervous about that one since only three other people have it in their projects on Ravelry. There's not a whole lot to compare to! Should be cute when it's done though. I'll hopefully have pics of that soon.

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