Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vacation - Day 1

E and I went to San Diego for our anniversary this week. Today was mostly set for traveling. It was a long drive but kind of nice to be able to talk without being interrupted for 6 straight hours. The drive was mostly uneventful but we did see the effects of a wildfire. As we were going over the mountains there was apparently a brush fire nearby. It was very difficult to see and the area smelled like a giant campfire!

Once we finally made it here we headed for the beach. We decided not to wear our suits since it was so cold (yes we are wimps from Arizona). Instead we just sat on the beach and collected sea shells to take home to the boys. I did wade up to my knees (had to check off something from my list!) but E stayed on the beach.


After that we went to the Gas Lamp district to walk around and have some dinner. Cute shops and lots of people.


Of course we had to stop here!



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