Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New WIPs

Since I finished the epic giant checkerboard, I've moved onto other knitting projects. My first project is a pair of slippers. I just finished the second slipper. I need to tighten up the seam by the toes on the first one as it is a bit larger than the second. I would also like to attach a strap to them as well. My plan is to wear them around the house for a few days and if they hold up well I want to make pairs for my mom and sisters for Christmas. The only flaw in this plan is that it is June in Arizona so I don't exactly feel like wearing slippers right now.

WIP #2 is a new washcloth. E absolutely loves the handmade wash clothes that i did for the boys for Christmas so I'm knitting a few more. I'm working with Peaches and Creme yarn for this project. There are so many possibilities to choose from in terms of patterns but I think I've settled on an M & M pattern for this one.

I've also picked the baby blanket back up. The pattern is still irritating the crap out of me but I'm in a better mindset to finish the square now. I only have one more square left after this. I'm holding off on seaming it though until I find out if my sister is having a boy or a girl. If she's having a girl then I will give the blanket to her. If it's a boy then I may end up redoing the pink squares in blue. Or I may save this one until another of my friends has a girl and do a completely different blanket for my sister's baby. I've got a couple months to think about it.

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