Saturday, June 11, 2011

A better me

I've decided that I need to get in better shape. Specifically I'd like to lose some weight. Ultimately my goal is to lose forty pounds but I don't want to get discouraged so I'm setting my goals in ten pound increments. I plan on checking in here periodically to keep me on track. I want to increase the amount of exercise I do (currently almost none). I'm also going to eat healthier and smaller amounts of food. It's a lot to change but honestly I'm tried of the way I look and feel.

Now onto brighter subjects. I'm almost done with the checkerboard! 58 squares done and six more to go. All are seamed together except four green and two blue. I should finish at least two more blue squares and seam it so I will be able to give it to E finished or really close. Then I can finally move on to something new. I may finally pick up the baby blanket that I'm mad at - I have a reason to work on it again!

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