Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vacation - Day 3

Today was another busy day on vacation. First stop this morning was Legoland. It is absolutely amazing how they are able to create these wonderful works of art out of Legos. Some of the sculptures had over a million pieces! One was a replica of the New York skyline that used 6.5 million pieces. E and I spent most of our time in Miniland, where the most detailed replicas were.

This is Washington DC, specifically the Capital with the Washington Monument in the background.

They had also opened up a set of Star Wars scenes. Some of these had to use an even smaller scale or it would have been too tall. This is Hoth from the fifth episode.

After we were done at Legoland we found a cute little pizza place in Carlsbad and had a nice lunch. Then it was off to Seaworld. We saw the whales

And a tide pool

And some penguins

We also saw the the Blue Horizon dolphin show and the Cirque de la Mer show (and rode on the gondolas that are in the background of his pic)

I also got a little knitting done today. I'm down to less than 10 squares on the checker board and I've also started a pair of slippers. If these turn out well, I'm going to make some pairs for Christmas gifts.

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