Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm Blessed

This week I was trying to be more aware of the many things in life I have been blessed with. One thing that stands out to me is my children. It's so funny to see two little people that are so much like E and me yet are completely their own people.

Today I want to specifically talk about my oldest. C has been such a blessing to me. He's starting to leave the terrible threes behind and is turning into such a sweet little boy. Don't get me wrong - I love him just as much on the difficult days as the fun ones. But now I'm seeing more of a distinctive personality as he is better able to articulate what he is thinking. He is also a sweet child. He loves to give hugs and kisses and tells everyone how much he loves them.

C has also made me reflect on my faith more. I could never even pretend to fully understand God, but C has given me glimpses of how God sees us as his children. He loves us when we are difficult, wants to comfort us when we hurt and would lay down his life for us.

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  1. I also have one that is just about to turn 4 and it is amazing the difference in her! Like you said, she is starting to get her own personality and she is also beginning to build her own faith. It definitely puts God's love for us in perspective! When we see the things our kids get into and we still love them and look at all WE get into as adults, but we're still loved...and blessed! Great post! Thanks!

  2. My husband describes one of our children turning 4 as "coming up for air." I don't think we ever love them any less, but it's so much fun when you rediscover that you love to just hang out with them! Thanks so much for participating again!