Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Checkerboard

It's finally finished!
Checkerboard complete

According to Ravelry I started this nine months ago. The original goal was Christmas, then E's birthday, then finally Father's Day. I didn't have it quite done but I gave it to him anyway with the caveat that I needed to put a little more work into it. Honestly I didn't want to wait until Christmas again for the next gift giving holiday (I suppose I could have just given it randomly but oh well).

The other frustration involved the yarn itself. I ran out of blue with only one square to go. Since I'm trying to reduce my stash of Red Heart Super Saver, I subbed in another color - if you look in the corner of the pic it's pretty obvious. But E was fine with it.

I will say that I'm going to try to avoid taking on more than one large project at a time. Had I not been working on the baby blanket (that I ended up hibernating anyway) I probably would have finished before Father's Day, possibly even E's birthday. At least all's well that ends well!

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