Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year New Resolutions (Part 3)

Part of my New Year's resolution was to incorporate a new dish into hubby and my cooking rotation. So we tried a few different things this month. My original idea was to try a recipe I found in my Real Simple magazine for a marinated chicken breast and quinoa with walnuts. I ran into a few problems along the way though. I forgot to defrost the chicken ahead of time so I couldn't marinade it properly. I also couldn't find quinoa at the store. Maybe I can try these next month.
There were a few other things we tried...
Couscous - this was my first time making it. It was a little bland and E wasn't crazy about the texture. This will require some tweaking but has some potential.
Chicken coated with crackers - I've done this once before but wanted to try again. E didn't like it but I did. Might be worth adding in occasionally. The crackers aren't the healthiest things but every once in a while will be okay and I can always make E some plain chicken.
Marinara sauce - This was the big hit of the month. Unfortunately I can't take the credit. E decided he wanted to give it a try so on Saturday he tried out a recipe. It was fabulous! I'm not sure if I will be able to go back to the jarred stuff after this.
I can't wait to try some other new things in February to see what we come up with!

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