Monday, April 18, 2011

New Year New Resolutions (Part 6)

Since I completely biffed on coming up with any new ideas for dinner in March, I thought I would try to come up with something for April before the end of the month. I stepped way outside the box for this one and went with pork loin.

I know that pork is not something that unusual and my family eats things like ham and bacon but we don't have things like pork loin worked into our rotation. Well I went to Fry's last week and they it for less than half price so I thought "why not"? Since it's not something we usually have, I prepared it in a way similar to what I had done before and crockpotted (yes I just turned that into a verb) it. I left it on low in the pot for about 7.5 hrs until it fell apart. Then I drained off the excess liquid, added bbq sauce to it and let it simmer for another hour (cranked up to high for the last 10 minutes or so).

The verdict: pretty good. Of course C didn't eat it - he rarely tries anything new (according to the pediatrician this will supposedly get better in the next year or so; I'll believe it when I see it). J examined it but didn't eat it. E liked it although would have liked more bbq sauce. I liked it too but I think I prefer the bbq beef. I'd also like to find different marinades for cooking - this time I didn't season it until the end with the bbq sauce. My guess is this will make it into the rotation once or twice a year when there is a killer deal on pork.

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