Thursday, April 28, 2011


I've been trying to knock out a few knitting projects so i can start working on new things. To be honest these longer term projects are getting a little tedious.

Checkerboard: I'm finally nearing the home stretch of the giant checkerboard. I now have enough squares to seam together the 5th row. I also have all of the blue squares done for row 6 but still need to do the green ones. I'm debating on anther to finish those first and then seam both rows at the same time or seam now and then do the rest of the knitting afterwards. I'm leaning towards seaming now just to change things up a little.

Baby blanket: I'm on square 10 of 15. This the last of the pink and then I move on to yellow for the final five. This block is making me a little crazy. There seems to be a mistake either with me or the pattern because on one row I'm one stitch short. All of the other rows are okay so I'm going to keep going and see what happens. Bear in mind that this is all after ripping it out once before because I cast on 35 instead of 36.

Android: E's android was such a hit that C requested one. So I'm doing his in red (his favorite color). I am primarily working on this one during knit night so I only have to top of the body and the arms done. I'll probably finish soon though cause it's a quick knit. I think it will be good for me to finish something so I can have some sort of sense of accomplishment.

I'm leaning towards some dish cloths when I finish one or all of these projects, again because I need to feel like I'm finishing something. I'd also like to do a shawl or stole but I want to finish the big projects first

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