Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Year New Resolutions Part 8

Today I crossed another thing off of my 2011 resolution list - I cleaned out my closet. It ended up being quite the epic project. I decided the best way to go about it was to take everything out and start from scratch. That way I couldn't just skim over what I had or ignore things back in the corners.

I started things off by going through my shoes on Saturday. I had shelves but wasn't really good about using them so I got rid of them and got a cute basket. This freed up space too.

Then today I went through the clothes. It's hard to get rid of things - I seem to have quite the sentimental attachment to some items. But today I was firm with myself. After all it's just stuff. And the finished result is nice!

On the knitting side of things, I just about finished the mystery toy. He just needs his arms, legs and tail sewn on. I'll post a pic of the cutie this weekend.

And on the gardening side of things, the sunflowers are beginning to sprout. I have three little buds in one bucket and two in the other. Yay!

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