Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm Blessed

It's Monday (okay technically it's Sunday night but no one will read this until Monday); it's time for the weekly blessing party at

Right now my blessing is a healthy child. Poor J became ill on Wednesday afternoon and was sick all the way through yesterday. It was hard for him to keep anything down and the poor baby just didn't want to be sick. He was trying so hard to act normally, which in a way is almost sadder since he wasn't well.

Thankfully today it was like a switch had flipped and he was back to normal. His infamous appetite was back (the kid has a reputation in the family for being the most adventurous eater). He seems perkier and was even able to go out this afternoon to his cousin's birthday.

It's hard to watch my baby suffer. I'm sure 99% of moms and dads would trade places with a sick child in an instant, just to have them feel better. I'm so glad he is well again!

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