Sunday, October 2, 2011

No sew throw

I am finally getting around to making the blankets from the fleece I bought a few months ago. These no sew blankets are seriously the easiest thing to make!

First I laid the fleece on the floor with the printed pattern on top of the solid piece.

I used a pencil to mark out the cuts I needed to make. Each line is spaced an inch apart and is three inches deep. Three inch square blocks are marked at each of the corners.

After that I began cutting the slits. You can see the square cut out of the corner. I also safety pinned each corner to keep the blanket lined up properly.

After the strips are cut, simply tie the top strip to the bottom. This can be done one of two ways - either tie it so the same color always shows up on top or alternate so they are different. One other trick I use to keep everything straight is to tie off the strips immediately adjacent to the corners, as well as one in the middle of each side and then tie the rest.

After all of the strips are tied, the blanket is done.

Only two more blankets to go before Christmas!

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  1. I really love no-sew blankets! They are so quick and cozy! Instant gratification! It looks fantastic!