Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today I'm linking up with Gretchen over at He Sows and She Sews for the weekly blessing party. This week one blessing that has stuck out for me is music. I love the way music can reach out and touch a person's soul. I find it a great way to worship and some times express feelings that I can't articulate myself.

I have quite a long commute to work each day so I get a lot of chances to listen to music - and sometimes sing along :) One song that has been on recently has been stuck in my head lately. It's a song called "Hurricane" by a group called Same State. The chorus really seems to sum up what I've thought at times:

But all at once
Heads are spinning faster like a hurricane
Cause all we did was nothing but a love still came
And it's bringing in good news
A love is coming back
For all of us
Who have a hard time getting it in through our brains
That all we did was nothing but a love still came
And it's bringing in good news
That love is coming back like a hurricane
Like a hurricane
Like a hurricane for you

That's the amazing thing - I did nothing deserving but God still sent the ultimate love for me and everyone! It's so hard to wrap our heads around that idea but what an amazing blessing. And I'm so blessed to hear music that can touch me this way.

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  1. I too love music. I think that it is the best way that I worship and pray. Music has the power to touch me like no other media has. And how true it is that we do deserve nothing and yet are continually blessed by His overflowing grace and mercy!