Monday, August 1, 2011

More Knitting fun

I finished J's android yesterday. I had originally thought he was coming out worse than the other two, but I think in the end he came out just fine. I tried backstitching his mouth this time instead of attaching the mouth with thread and I think I liked it better. I also managed to successfully pick up stitches to make his ears - picking up stitches has always been a weakness of mine so I usually just seam things together. All of my droids would look better if I could figure out how to pick up stitches for the bottom.

I then started in on the bear from Itty Bitty Toys. Since I'm using a worsted weight, I'm doing it on size 5 needles versus the size 3 called for in the book. However I am not focusing on it fully because I'm starting on a baby blanket for a friend! I only have a couple of weeks to finish it so I wanted to do an easy pattern. I picked the Baby Love Diagonal Blanket. It's basically granny's favorite dishcloth done to a width of 30". I picked up some denim colored Pound of Love and I'm going to run a white and blue checkered ribbon through it. They are doing a surfing theme so I hope the blue matches! If I finish in time, I'll add some of the extra ribbon to some cloth diapers to make coordinating burp cloths. I am so excited for my friend!

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