Friday, August 19, 2011

Knitting progress

I have discovered that when I am doing garter stitch with nothing fancy going, I can do about 950 stitches in an hour. How did I discover this? Well I'm still working on my garter stitch baby blanket and it's sort of tedious. Twice this week I've had a solid hour to knit uninterrupted and both time I came up with close to that number. I have no idea if that is fast or slow but I do know that it means I have about 26 more hours to go on the blanket. Actually the blanket has gotten quite sizable. It doesn't travel as well as it used to either. I'm only 40 rows away from decreasing! And I still love the way it looks and feels, even if I have to do miles and miles of garter stitch.

I've also made some progress on the bear. Since it's more portable, it gets to come to lunch with me. Today I got back to where I was when I ripped it out (epic mistake on my part before). I have one more row of increases for the base of the body and then it's just ordinary knitting for a few inches. I need to get some stitch markers to make sure I keep my place - what kind of knitter doesn't have stitch markers?!

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