Saturday, August 13, 2011

Golfing and knitting

Yesterday I got to go to an indoor golfing place. My total experience with golfing to date had been hitting range balls a few times. So this was neat because it simulated a real game without me chasing my ball all over the free world. Basically the ball is hit into a screen while three cameras record your movements. They have different areas that you hit from to simulate teeing off, hitting out of the rough and sand traps, fairways and putting. Pretty neat. Here's me attempting to get out of the rough (sorry the lighting isn't very good for picture taking there.)

I've also got an update on the progress of the baby blanket. I'm now 20% of the way done. I've increased up to row 132 - I need to get to row 201 before decreasing.

E calls my big ball of yarn my kitty. Well the kitty is finally starting to look a little smaller! I do feel like I'm never going to reach the end though!

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