Thursday, January 14, 2016

Knitted Fingerless Mitts

About two years ago I decided to make myself a pair of fingerless mitts out of my souvenir yarn from our epic Iowa family trip. I keep them at work because my office can get quite cold and it's easier to type without the fingers on the mitts.

Well one of my coworkers seems to have the same issue as me in that her hands get cold in our office. She's even borrowed my mitts a few times. She's also the sweetest person you would ever meet and is always willing to help others around the office. I wanted to do something for her to show her how much I appreciated her.

So another pair of fingerless mitts! The pattern is Koigu wristers, super easy and fast to knit. I used the leftovers of my starry night sock yarn, but wanted to make sure it would go far enough so I contrasted it with white. Frankly I think it looks even better than one color would (although it led to way more ends to weave in!)

My coworker really loved them! So glad I made them.


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