Friday, August 24, 2012

Chore Charts

E and I have been trying something new with C by giving him a chore chart that spells out expectations. Nothing is too major - it's things like pick up your room and brush your teeth. We also added "be nice to your brother" for good measure.

C is very motivated by stickers so he gets a sticker for each item he completes and once he earns a certain number of stickers he gets his reward. It seems to be working well so far; if he messes up on something like being nice to his brother he still tries to behave so he can get his other stickers.

I did run into one issue - I can't find sticker charts in the store! I know they exist but rather than drive all over the place, I decided to create my own. It was pretty easy. I set up the table in excel and then pasted it to PowerPoint to add the title and stars. To accommodate the stickers I made each box 0.45" by 0.45". Each section was shaded in a different color to distinguish it from the other sections. I also left a few lines in case we need to add anything before we run out of charts.

It was fun to design my own chart. It's great because I could customize it with our specific rules. Plus it was easy to do!

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