Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

My dinosaur is still coming along and is now to the point where he actually looks like a dinosaur (as evidenced by my two year old picking him up and roaring). I actually had to try something new for this project. I had to knit part of three rows on waste yarn so I could pick up the stitches for his tail. Aside from making a total mess of the waste yarn as I was pulling it out, it went pretty well. I do have a few places where the stuffing is showing through that will need to be stitched up but the tail is safely attached. I almost wish I had picked up a few extra stitches to take care of the issue though.

Now I've moved on to the limbs. One thing I didn't take into account when I started the dinosaur is that pattern on the yarn meant that I would need to start each arm and each leg at the same point in the yarn so they match. Ooops! But I think I'm back on track now.

In addition to the dinosaur, I've started on my cardigan. It's a gorgeous pattern called Serina and I'm using my Joann clearance yarn. Okay well started on may be a bit generous. So far I've purchased the pattern and I'm actually swatching before I start. Hopefully by this time next week I'll have moved onfrom the swatch and have the actual cardigan started.

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  1. Your dinosaur looks great! I love all of the colors! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

  2. That dinosaur is coming along nicely!

  3. Stacey's patterns are mostly done in single crochet. I am sure you could pick that up! :)-Tori Thanks for commenting on my blog