Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Round and Round I go

The dinosaur I'm knitting is still a work in progress but he's finally starting to look more substantial. The only thing that's getting to me is the seemingly endless rounds of garter stitch. In reality it's only about 50 rounds with 60 some odd stitches each before i start decreasing so it shouldn't be too overwhelming but I think my knitting mojo has flown out the window. I hope it's just because I'm tired and can't really think about knitting by the time the little ones go to bed. I've been trying to "power through" 2-4 rows a night while I wait for my mojo to return. (By the way is it weird that I hear Austin Power's voice in my head every time I type the word mojo?) Ahem, anyway here is the dino so far:
I think he will be cute when he is done, although I hope the striping pattern of the yarn isn't too busy. Maybe by next week I'll have the body done.

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  1. I think it will be cute! And no, it's not weird at all- every time I lose my knitting mojo I hear Austin Powers too ;)

  2. I don't think it's too busy! I think it's going to be darling! But I hear you about the stockinette tedium :)

  3. i love that yarn for a dino, he's going to be super cool!

  4. I love the strips! I think it's fun for a dinosaur!