Saturday, April 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday on a Saturday

I totally missed doing a work in progress update on Wednesday this week. I've been so busy at work that I've barely had time for anything else. On top of work it was Easter plus C's, E's, my mom's and SIL's birthdays. Fortunately we have a bit of a lull this weekend (I hope) which will give me a chance to catch up around here.


I have managed to sneak in a little bit of crafting this week. I've got two knitting projects and one cross stitching project going. First up is the socks. I'm going super slow on these; I'm still on the ribbing on the first sock. But there is some progress.

My second is the brown bear for my coworker. I've been paying a little more attention to it since I will rapidly run out time if I don't. I've got the bottom of the body done but nothing else and I only have two months to finish.

My last craft project is my cross stitching. I hadn't done cross stitching in years (cross stitching was my first crafty love but fell to the side when I learned how to knit) but I started again when I knew I would want something besides knitting to entertain me on the plane ride to Hawaii.

Right now it's a little dull looking since I've only done the pale blue but it does get more colorful. I think it will go on my desk at work or in the kitchen when I finish it. It's been fun to get back into cross stitching.


And even though this isn't a craft project, another thing I've got going is my basil. I planted it a few weeks ago and it's actually growing! I'm going to have a caprese salad and some pesto when it's ready!


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  1. You sure do have a lot of basil, and they're growing well! I'm glad you thought my post on thinning our herb garden seedlings was helpful, let me know how it goes if you end up doing it!