Friday, January 13, 2012

Drawstring bag and a Resolution

 I really need to make some progress on the nephew's blanket, considering he's here now. But first I decided to make a little drawstring pouch; I really needed a way to keep some items together in my purse. Plus I was dying to use some stripped yarn I had. This was so simple to make - I browsed Ravelry for a pattern but didn't find quite what I was looking for so I winged it.

The pouch is knit in the round from the top down on size 8 needles with Sugar and Cream yarn. Cast on 24 stitches.

Row 1-4: k1,p1 to the end of the row.

Row 5: k2tog, yo to the end of the row

Knit until the piece measures the length you want. I wanted mine to be about 6" from the eyelet row.

Next Row: k1, k2tog

Transfer stitches to two needles evenly and kitchner stitch them.

For the drawstring I cast on three stitches and did an Icord. Ribbon would also work.

I also finished something on my New Year's resolution list - I tried a new vegetable. I went out for lunch on Wednesday and my meal came with a side of veggies. One of the veggies was zucchini, which I have never tried before. Yes somehow I made it to 30 years old without trying it - shocking, I know. So I tried it. It wasnt too bad; it's not going to be one of my favorites but I'll eat it.


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