Monday, January 9, 2012

Blanket 1 is done!

So it's been quite the drama filled week a our house! We were all set to have J's birthday party on the 1st but an hour before his party he scratched his cornea. So instead of enjoying his birthday party, he got to spend the evening in urgent care and then the ER (the ER was just a precaution because the urgent care wasn't sure about their diagnosis so they sent us there). We ended up redoing his party the next day. Then a day or so later both boys got sick. Fortunately they are both better now! The last big thing was my sister had a baby today! He is very cute, not that I'm biased or anything ;)

Somehow in all of the chaos I managed to get a blanket done for my friend's baby shower this past weekend (never mind that it came out of the dryer 3 hours before I had to leave for the party). I used Baby Coordinates yarn in pink, yellow and beige and made 15 squares in various patterns and stitched them together. I'm pretty pleased with the result!
I put it in a basket with a few things off of her registry.
Now I just need to get finished with the blanket for my cute little nephew. I just love new babies!


  1. Love the blanket! I try to always do the "handknit gift plus something from registry" thing too. The gifts seem to be received much better that way (so the mom-to-be isn't thinking, "cute sweater/blanket/whatever, but I really needed those diapers!").

  2. You are such a great auntie/friend! The blanket looks great, will the one for your nephew look similar?

  3. Thank you both! The one for my nephew is basically a giant version of granny's favorite dishcloth. I'm working it in a denim color and I will thread ribbon through the holes. Right now I'm leaning towards a blue gingham but I may try to find ribbon that is a little more funky (and more my sister's style.)

  4. That is the cutest blanket. I love it.

  5. Adorable blanket! I love baby knits! They're so satisfying!