Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

This weekend was Mother's day. So I did some baking for it. I never know what to get my mom or MIL so I ended up doing gift cards for their favorite restaurants. But I wanted to do something with more thought in it too so I baked brownies. I had never done brownies from scratch before but I had no box mixes in the house. It wasn't nearly as difficult as I expected it to be. I also made chocolate chip muffins - we were going to E's family for brunch and I didnt want to show up empty handed.

Sunday was Mother's day and I had a very nice day. Since E's family wanted to do brunch, I ended up going to a different church that had an earlier service. They had a guest speaker who was very interesting and I was able to focus the whole time (it helped that the boys were very chill). It was a good start to the day.
Afterward we went to my inlaws' house and I brought the chocolate chip muffins along. The kiddos seemed to enjoy them but who wouldn't enjoy chocolate for breakfast! My BIL made mimosas so all of the grownups had a good time too...After we ate I gave my MIL her brownies. She gave me something too, which was unexpected and very sweet.

Next stop was my mother's house. The boys got to play in the water when we got there so they were thrilled - I know it's hard for them to be on there best behavior all day. My mom gave my sister and I pictures of our kids on tiles with the date noted- very cute and I will have to put this idea away for future use. I gave my mom the brownies and decided to do a few for my sis too since it was her first mother's day.
It ended up being a very good and relaxing day!

I also went to my C's preschool for Mothers Day Tea yesterday. It was so cute! The kids sang us three songs and then every child told us what made their mom so special and gave her a picture (see the pic below of C with his teacher). C said that I was special because "she loves me and I love her back." What a sweetheart! Since school let out early I was also able to take C to the park-  just me and him.

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