Sunday, March 6, 2011

The hat

I'm uploading a picture of the hat I mentioned in a previous post. Mostly because I never seem to get many pictures in this blog and this is my current work in progress. I think I need to take more random photos of my knitting so I can see the progess I have made. Maybe like a recap of the week. (Okay who are we kidding, if I do every other week I will consider myself successful)
In other news, I did a 5K this weekend and my calves are a little sore today. We were running late in getting there and had to park super far away so I think it was closer to a 6K but at least the extra exercise is getting easier for me. Someday I'd love to be able run it instead of walking it. And what a great cause we were supporting- Make a Wish Foundation of AZ!
We are also dealing with the dreaded pink eye right now. C woke up this morning with it. Fortunately there is a terrific minute clinic by my house so I didn't have to wait until Monday to get him into the doctor. He hates the drops but he us being a good sport with only minimal bribery (mostly chocolate).

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