Friday, April 25, 2014

Tiny Bunnies (part 2)

I finished my bunny nugget set this week - well technically on Sunday. On the Wednesday before Easter I had the idea to knit my nieces, nephews and kids little bunnies for Easter. Just a fun little project using up scrap sock yarn that probably would have been more enjoyable if I had decided more than four days ahead of time (I needed seven total).

By last Friday I had finished these two guys and had almost finished a third one (I talked about them here)

By the end of Friday, I had two more done:

I realized I was running behind by that point so I was pretty attached to my knitting. Unfortunately I had other things to do too, so by Saturday night I was really crunched.

I switched to sort of an assembly line style - first the three remaining bunny bodies, then do all three tails, then all three faces, etc. I actually ended up finishing them at my mom's house shortly before our egg hunt. I was so glad I made it - the only bummer is I never did get a picture of all the bunnies together.

The stragglers:

One last bunny:

Somebody (some bunny?) talk some sense into me if I try to last minute knit like this again!

For more finished objects check out Tami's Amis!


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  1. So cute! You are brave for knitting so many in such a short amount of time.