Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Minecraft birthday party

C is a huge minecraft fan so he asked if he could have a minecraft themed birthday this year. I agreed but I ran into a problem - the party store doesn't have any minecraft decorations. So I had to come up with my own. Luckily all of the shapes in minecraft are very blocky so they are easy to draw and cut out. Plus others on the internet are full of ideas for inspiration.

I found some cute invitations at Catch My Party (there are other printables available but I didn't use them). For games I found a few websites that had ideas and decided to play two - pin the tail on the pig and creeper bean bag toss.

To make the pig I bought a large sheet of pink poster board. I wanted the head to be square and the body rectangular so I cut a 10" x 10" piece and a 10" by 12" piece. I overlapped the corners and glued together. Then I took a piece of white paper and cut two 1" by 2" pieces and cut 2 1" by 1" squares out of black construction paper. I glued the black squares to the white rectangles then glued the whole piece to the face. I cut a 4" by 5" piece from the pink poster board and glued it on to the face. For the tails I just cut strips of pink paper for the kids to use.

For the bean bag toss I took a cardboard box and cut it open to lay flat. The benefit of using a cardboard box is I was able to take advantage of the existing fold the make it stand up. I painted the box green and then cut the face shapes out. I modified the creeper face slightly - the creepers in the game have their eyes touching the mouth, but that would have left me with one big hole. So I cut out two squares for the eyes and then cut the face out an inch or so lower. I labeled the points with a black marker and the game was ready. This was by far the favorite activity at the party.
I kept the decorations mostly simple, except for the creeper wall. For the table I used a brown table cloth covered with a smaller green one to look like the dirt and grass. I hung green streamers and balloons that had either an animal face or creeper face drawn on them.
The creeper wall was a little more time consuming. I took 20 pieces of green construction paper and glued on 20 faces. Well let me be a little more specific. I had to cut out the eyes separately from the mouth because of the shape of a creeper face and then glue them back the right way.
I'm super pleased with the way it turned out. And it wasn't a waste of my time too badly. We ended up decorating C's room with them after the party!
I was tempted to label the food with minecraft style labels but to be perfectly honest I ran out of time. So decorations for the food ended up being green plates and forks.i did manage to decorate the cupcakes though. I tried to make them look like grass boxes so I made chocolate cupcakes and dyed my buttercream green. Then I piped the frosting to look grass-like.
I think the birthday boy liked his party. Happy birthday C!


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