Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Infographics - 4kcbwday3

Today's challenge for knit and crochet blog week is to create an infographic, which is basically a way to combine text and pictures into one informative graphic. I wasn't sure what to look at. I thought about one that shows my thought process from start to finish during a project. Or maybe a Venn diagram showing time wanting to knit crossed with actual time knitting. Ultimately I decided to look at what type of projects I knit. I don't have a great record of projects pre-Ravelry so I went with what I've done since I've joined. Truthfully this covers almost everything. I didn't make a lot of progress when I was first knitting.

I'm totally not surprised that toys were the highest. I make them for my friends having babies, for my kids, my nieces and nephew. Blankets are low but those take forever (and I tend to lose motivation halfway through). I am surprised I've made so many washcloths. My other category was things like headbands, a cup cozy, socks, slippers. I think it would be interesting to chart each of these categories over time and see if I've shifted my focus.

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  1. My graphic will be pretty much like yours: I love crocheting amigurumis!

    Here's my infographic: