Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Work in progress Wednesday

Time for an update on my current knitting projects! One of my projects is still top secret for a couple more weeks but I have updates on the other two. First up: the socks.

They are slightly more done than this picture shows - I just finished sock one earlier this week but haven't cast on sock two yet. I need to get that done soon before second sock syndrome hits. This is Opal sock yarn in the Van Gogh color way Starry Night. It's a basic top down, heel flap sock using my Size 1.5 Hiya Hiyas. (I love my Hiya Hiyas!). Ravelry page is here.

Next up is Serina. This is my first cardigan. I crazily decided to start with a sock yarn weight. I'm using Size 2s and some clearance yarn from Joann's.

I absolutely love the detailing on the back. It took a few repeats to get the hang of it but then it suddenly clicked. Now I'm past the detailing part so it's become great TV knitting. Check out my Ravelry project page here.

I can't wait to wear both of these! For other works in progress check out Tamis Amis!



  1. I like the colourway you've picked for the cardigan :-)

  2. They both look lovely! Size 2's for a cardigan! Goodness! I always go for bigger needles whenever I have to make anything larger than a dish cloth :-) Newest follower! I hope you will follow me back!

  3. Love knitting, nice colors. I'm currently using sock yarn for a shawl (which is also a top secret project), it's coming along faster than I anticipated.

  4. HA! As I read this post, I am sitting at my desk wearing my Serina cardigan. It's a great sweater and totally worth the extra time it takes to knit using such a fine gague. :-D

    1. Too funny! Glad to hear it's worth it. The designer has a group on Ravelry too