Monday, March 25, 2013


The weather here has been gorgeous lately so a few weeks ago I planted a few things in my garden. The soil here in the desert is pretty crummy so I stick with containers. Last year I tried basil for the first time and it grew amazingly (until it got too hot). I tried peppers too which were a spectacular failure.

This year I went with basil again and also am giving rosemary and oregano a try.

Here's the basil. Looks good so far. I can't wait until I can make pesto and bruschetta.

This is the oregano. I'm not quite as sure about this one. I took the picture a few days ago and it looks about the same, maybe worse. I actually planted two pots but the second didn't sprout.

Here is the rosemary. It is actually almost twice the size now (still tiny though). I need to figure out what I'm going to use this for.

On a non gardening note, E and I are putting an in-ground sandbox in for the kids. So far we've done most of the digging but still need to put the tarp down and the sand in.

J was "helping"

C wanted to help and offered to pull weeds. Who could refuse an offer like that?

(Yes they are still in jammies but it was the weekend so I didn't care too much)

Can't wait for the backyard to be done!



  1. My kids frequently play all day in their pjs :-) I like to be in my own comfy clothes as well :-) I love growing basil, but have never tried growing oregano before, maybe I will try that this year!

    1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that let's the kids play in pjs all day!