Monday, June 18, 2012

Things I learned this weekend

  • It is possible to live on the surface of the sun. Oh wait it's just Phoenix in June.
  • Two year olds are very dramatic. This weekend J told me "Mommy, I'm melting"
  • Never try out a new recipe for the first time the day before you would like to give the results to somebody, especially if it is a recipe from your own head and not something others have tried before.
  • Related to that, never try a new recipe at midnight after everyone is asleep. It's a given the smoke alarm will go off.
  • Marshmallows burn really quickly if you use the broil setting on the oven (we're talking less than 30 seconds)
  • If you decide to make something different the next morning you will realize you are out of a key ingredient about halfway through the cooking process. This will also occur after your husband goes to the grocery store and asks if you need anything.
  • If you tell your five year old before his first basketball game that his team name is the Tigers, he will growl at his opponents.
  • Based on the amount of flopping and traveling that C committed in the game, he may have a future in the NBA. However if they consider things like passing, dribbling or shooting, then I would consider it a long shot.



  1. I just moved from Phoenix back to my home state of Ohio. I know I'll miss it in the winter, but am so glad to be gone this summer! Stay cool :)

    1. I'm jealous you get to escape the heat!

  2. WOWZER! It's hot here, but nothing like you're experiencing. It is, however, a great relief to know we can all migrate to the sun, in case of an emergency. :-D