Friday, June 29, 2012

A little bit of finishing

Today I managed to finish one of Benny's legs for the mystery knit along.

I'm pretty excited because it involved some sock construction techniques that I had only done once before on the knitted lion. I do find it a bit strange that I've turned a heel twice now, yet have never done it on an actual sock. I'll just call it practice. Ahem, anyway it's not nearly as intimidating as I thought. As long as I trust the instruction it's like magic! I only ended up with one teeny hole. I think the second foot will go quicker and then I can move on to clues 3 and 4. With any luck I'll only finish a week or two late.

My other finished project this week was the tutu. As I promised on Wednesday, here is a picture.

It was so easy - the only sewing involved was sewing the elastic together. The tulle is just tied on. My niece (and sister) will love it!

For more finished objects check out Tami's Amis!


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