Friday, December 23, 2011

December happenings

My poor neglected blog! I have been insanely busy this month. I took on some new responsibilities at work recently and have been working a lot to keep up. This meant spending the little free time getting stuff ready for Christmas and hanging with the boys. Here's a quick snapshot of what we've been doing this month.

We went to look at lights downtown:
And the boys got to have a treat too!

We also checked out the lights in our neighborhood. I love my neighborhood - most of the houses put at least a few decorations up. So we bundled the boys up and took them around. (Sorry for the blurry picture. It's the only one I was able to get.)
We even got some rain, a very refreshing change when you live in a desert (I think I've mentioned my love of rain on here a few times.)

The boys also got to decorate (and eat) cookies over at their grandma's house with their cousins!

So far it's been a fun month! Can't wait to write about the rest of our fun!

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