Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cake Balls

I made some very yummy cake balls for my grandpa's birthday this weekend. It's hard to know what to get him each year, but I know he likes German Chocolate Cake. So I made cake balls out of a German Chocolate cake mix with coconut pecan icing dipped in chocolate. Cake Balls are a wonderful invention! I'd never heard of them before someone on mentioned a website called She has a website full of a million of these things!
Here are the balls before they were dipped:
I found some very cute packaging at Michaels. The label is just construction paper but at this point I was improvising.

They ended up being a big hit. I gave quite a few to my grandpa and split the leftovers between my parents, the babysitter and the office. Might have to remember this in the future.

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