Friday, February 27, 2015

Another pair of socks

Recently I finished a new pair of socks. This pair was my "I need a small project; I want to work on something for me; I have nothing else to work on; my feet are cold" socks. In other words I picked them up and put them down repeatedly over the last six months until I really felt compelled to actually make an effort to finish them.

This pair has actually traveled farther than my other three pairs. I started them on a plane ride to Denver, when I didn't want to bring the boys' Christmas sweater projects with me because of the size it would have taken in my carryon and I was procrastinating on the washcloths I did for Christmas. Socks seemed like a good solution.

The yarn is Candy Skein's in the Blue Hawaiian colorway. This was the August 2013 color of the month. What a great yarn to knit with! The socks are super comfy and the colors just came alive before my eyes. It's amazing to see that the yarn started out as the yarn in the middle of this group.
The pattern was my usual top down, heel flap pattern that I like so much. And with that I'm one third of the way to my goal of making at least three pairs this year.


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