Sunday, May 18, 2014

Looking Back, Looking Forward - 5KCBWDAY7

Last year I was not so good at keeping up with Knit and Crochet blog week on Eskimimi Makes so I don't have a Looking Forward post from that time to reference. I do however try to assess my knitting goals at the beginning of each year so I will use that as my starting point.

In this past year I didn't really add much in the way of new skills - the only new thing i tried was making clothes. I finished a cardigan but I wasn't super happy. My gauge was off (I even did a swatch!) so it ended up too big. I tried another item of clothing again, a shirt for my niece, which was a little more successful but I still think I have work to do in this area.

However looking back through my old projects I found that I actually improved my knitting in a few areas I had already learned. For one thing I became a bit of a sock knitting machine. Last year at this time I was on my second pair of socks. Since then I have completed those (bottom left), plus made some for my kids (middle and bottom right), a pair for hubby (top left) and another for me (top right).
I also got much better at stranded knitting - making hats for (clockwise from top left) my son, aunt and niece.

Looking forward to the coming year there are a few things I would really like to learn. I'd like to learn entrelac. I've downloaded a Craftsy class on the subject but haven't taken it yet. The other thing is Intarsia. My plan is to conquer that after the entrelac. Unless I need to sooner (there is a really cute Elsa and Anna doll set that involves intarsia that would be super adorable for my niece). I would also like to start crocheting. I know the fundamentals but my brain goes squirrelly when I see a pattern and I'd like to change that.

Search for 5kcbwday7 to see what other knitters and crocheters have to look back on and forward to.


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