Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blue baby hat

 Recently I have been working on hats for a charity called Cure International. Cure International provides medical services to those in need overseas and right now my favorite radio station is collecting hats to give to babies and children. I finished the first one yesterday.


The pattern is Be Loving and it's cute even though it's pretty easy. I used up some of the extra yarn from the most recent blanket (side note: there is still yarn left over. I know it's a pound of yarn but what's it going to take to get rid of it!). I used size 8 needles for the bottom and then switched to size 6. Can't wait to do another one or two. It's kind of nice to knit something that doesn't take months!


1 comment:

  1. Small projects are great for instant gratification, and I'm sure it's satisfying to know that this knit is going to be headed to somebody who will love it and be very happy to have it!