Saturday, July 17, 2010

Basket fun

When I am giving people a present, I like to give baskets. They are a good way to do something unique and fun. I was able to give a couple of baskets recently - my sister got married and had a baby! For her wedding I gave her and her husband a coffee and tea basket. I included two of the reusable cups, one for hot drinks and one for cold drinks. I also included chai tea, black tea, fruit tea, coffee packets and creamer.

I also made a basket filled with baby stuff for her. I included a blanket, two sets of booties and two burp cloths. I still want to add a little something for mom and big sister, but this is almost everything that will go in the basket.

The last thing is a diaper cake. While not a basket, it is still a neat way to give a creative gift! It was used as the centerpiece for the baby shower.

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